Hear me, my young lords. The Epoch of Man has passed. Jovios, the god of All, had brought about the next cycle by wiping the land clean of man’s arrogance. The sacred laws had been broached with men laying claim to the heavens. In the wake of this overreach, the gates to the Otherworlds were breached and the land fell to the waves of unmitigated fury. Joviros, he who mercifully watches over All, set his feet upon the earth and banished the demons and devils, chaining them to their wretched abyssal oubliettes.

Turning his gaze to the ruin of this realm, he swept all civilization from the earth and tendered its care to his wife, the Raven. Under her purview she saw mankind as nothing more than another beast and allowed the land to grow and replenish as we squat in mud holes, hiding from the bestial gods who hunt us with relish.

Now, with arrogance unmatched, we strive to reclaim our glory from the past and rally against the gods, against the demons and against the world.

The Verdant Age

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