The Order of the Five Spires

The Order of the Five Spires are named after five volcanic spires at the heart of the Free Isle. The men and women who dedicate themselves to the mysteries of the Spires believe that balance can only be achieved by subsuming chaos into themselves and releasing the energies in a controlled manner..

Unlike many conventional orders, the Initiates of the Five Spires are encouraged to harness their explosive outbursts. At times, the flaring of angry conversation will seem heated to outsiders but is instead a calculated eruption. Often, it is said, that those of this Order will beat a man senseless for some transgression but will hold no ill will or grudge towards his opponent, having released the negative energies appropriately.

The followers tend to be exclusively neutral (good through evil) and often lawful neutral. Humans and fire Genasi make up the bulk of those at the Order. They are rarely seen in civilization and will be made up of mostly monks and priests.


The Order of the Five Spires

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