Xydros was once a bright, shining son of Joviras. When the gates to Heaven were breached by humanity, Xydros strode forward to repel the teeming hordes. He stood bright, as bright as the sun with his golden hair blazing and his holy armor resplendent. Xydros was also the first to fall, his heavenly form rent and fell blazing into the earth. His body plunged deep within the depths and the earth heaved with impact, raising mountains and tearing down the edifices of the great mortal kingdoms.

Xydros was never seen again by the gods as he was trapped beneath the ground, the magics that felled him chaining him to the depths. His broken form could not heal and so he crawled, digging through the rock blindly to find his way back to the heavens. To this day he crawls, leaving behind his blood and raging against those who put him in what is now known as the Underdark.

Here, in the Underdark, he is known as the King that Crawls. He is worshipped by the damned and forgotten and placated to by the people above. Xydros’ travels have given birth to the aberrations of the deep. Beholders, for instance, spawn from his ruined eye, which forever seeping corrupted godsblood.

Xydros is worshipped for his domain over imprisonment, vengeance, the dark places of the earth and torture.



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